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Bakery „Riestlita“ started its business back in 1994 by making stand-out products. Here made production is delivered not only to Lithuania‘s market but to all European Union, USA and even United Arab Emirates. Over more than 20 years of work in this business we gathered a lot of experience and became our markets professionals and leaders. We work punctually and precisely. Our team can manage the most demanding orders and we always accomplish the best results. At this moment bakery „Rieslita“ bakes more than 15 different types of gingerbreads, 5 types of oatmeal cookies, 10 types of bagels and pretzels and more than over 20 different types of cookies. Such product asorti allows us to be competitive and flexible in the market. Even the most whimsical client will find the best product for him/her.

All our production is being made from highest quality of ingredients. Our workers guarantee that every client will be happy about every of our product.
Quality, great taste production for You and Your family will be your snack not only at home, but at work, travel or while being at nature. „Riestlita‘s“ cookies, pretzels or gingerbreads will be adored by not only young but by old too.