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Riestlita, Ltd. business started back in the 1994. Bakery started with simple bagel cooking and selling them in little shops in the main district.
Later on, back in 1996, Riestlita Ltd., bought new cooking technologies and improved the ones they already had. In the same year they start to cook and make gingerbread.
In the begining of the 1998 company decides to expand their capabilities so they buy new technology in order to cook oatmeal cookies and pretzels. Also, they improve the technology and manufacturing process so now bagels and gingerbread is made better, faster and in more amounts. At same year, Riestlita, Ltd. decides to start making business with largests Lithuanian shop networks, this helps them improve and expand company and its markets. Business works well in national market, so Riestlita, Ltd. decides to expand the markets further, which means going into foreign markets. In 2004 the priority to make more clients in foreign countries gave good results. Riestlita, Ltd. managed to be strong in local market and get new clients in foreign markets. At this time, Riestlita, Ltd. eksport about 25% of their production. Company still continues to look for clients in other markets and being open for new business contracts. Riestlita, Ltd. will always be a company that follows highest standarts no matter in what market.